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Improve quality, increase global capability and reduce cost by outsourcing your quality management

Companies are rapidly adopting quality management services outsourcing as a viable means to reduce operating costs, focus on core competencies, and move from a fixed to a variable cost model. The practice of outsourcing certain repetitive, non-core processes to specialists who have economies-of-scale advantages has been around for many years. It is only recently that companies have been able to take full advantage of overseas labor markets to achieve dramatic cost savings - in some cases by up to 60%.

With our global presence, PlanTech-Omnex has the ability to support your operations anywhere that you need us. Our extensive operations in high-opportunity labor markets like India, Thailand, and China, have opened up a whole new avenue for companies to achieve competitive advantage.

PlanTech-Omnex offers quality department outsourcing services for various quality functions. Common areas within an enterprise that are suitable for outsourcing include:

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We will manage the function as a stand-alone initiative, or as part of an integrated solution with your internal resources.

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