About PlanTech-Omnex

Improving Projects. Improving Products. Improving Performance.

Headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI PlanTech-Omnex, a ISO9001 and Minority Certified company is in its third decade of product and process performance improvement. PlanTech-Omnex Service and Product offerings are a result of customer demands and management foresight of upcoming market and industry demands. PlanTech-Omnex specializes in Project Management, Quality Engineering, and Staffing.

Our Mission:

PlanTech-Omnex improves projects and products for organizations wanting to improve performance and quality. We provide solutions in selective staffing, expert consulting and training and enterprise technology. We will succeed in this business by being a winning company that attracts customers and exceeds their expectations, provides an enriching and rewarding environment for employees, values long-term relationships with customers, employees, and suppliers, serves and supports the community, and achieves solid financial performance.

We Will...

  • Communicate often with customers
  • Achieve fast and lean operations
  • Discover the business value in every engagement and approach challenging situations with a high degree of "can do" energy
  • Professionally communicate with candor in a nurturing way
  • Seek leads for new customers in every encounter and always portray the organization to others in a positive way
  • Maintain a positive outlook when faced with adversity and uplift the spirits of others
  • Create a stimulating, enthusiastic, enjoyable work environment
  • Encourage innovative ideas, gather support, and pursue implementation
Additional Information
PlanTech-Omnex has been delivering quality products and services for 20+ years, and we look forward to working with you! We serve a number of businesses in a variety of industries - explore our web site, or Contact Us to learn more!

For more information, contact us at: info@plantechinc.com